How to get to Rincon del mar from Cartagena

Rincón del Mar – Hidden beach escape not far from Cartagena

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Rincón del Mar is in the Sucre province about 3 hours south of Cartagena. It is a small town of a few thousand residents set on a pretty stretch of beach on the Caribbean.

A lesser-known but up and coming destination, visitors will find much smaller crowds here than better known beach destinations like Palomino or the Rosario Islands, even during the tourist high seasons. That makes it great for a truly relaxing stay where visitors can enjoy some peace and quiet and a beach without tons of people.

If you are traveling with someone else and with the exchange rate of the dollar in your favour, the most convenient and easy way to get to Rincon from Cartagena is booking here a private car from your hotel in Cartagena. If you are looking for more adventure, then the route is to get to the bus terminal in Cartagena and take a public bus to the town of San Onofre, from there get off at the public market and take a motorcycle taxi until get to Rincon.

What to See and Do in Rincón

The main attraction is enjoying the beach. The water is clear, pretty, and calm, perfect for going for a swim. It also makes a great backdrop to sipping a piña colada, reading a book, or napping in a hammock. The sunset is also spectacular with the sun going down right over the Caribbean in front of the beach.

You’ll also definitely want to include a visit to the San Bernardo Islands. Located about a 45-minute boat ride off the coast, the islands are absolutely gorgeous, covered with windswept palm trees and surrounded by crystal clear water.

Visitors can arrange a day tour to the islands that includes stops at Santa Cruz del Islote, Mucura, and Tintipán.

Santa Cruz del Islote is the most densely populated island in the world where visitors can swim with nurse sharks in the town’s aquarium. The town and its residents have largely been neglected, so making a small donation to do the tour is a great way to support the locals.

How to get to Rincon del mar from Cartagena


Meanwhile the beaches at both Mucura and Tintipán are some of the most gorgeous in Colombia and you’ll be able to go for a swim and enjoy a fresh fish or lobster lunch.

In the evening, you can plan to go and see the bioluminescent plankton off the coast as well. Plankton tours include a stop at the nearby Isla Pajaro where you can spot variety of bird species just before sunset. Then you’ll head to a nearby lagoon where you will hop in to see the plankton. It’s a really neat and unique experience to see the water light up around you as you kick and splash around.

Back in town, you can also go snorkeling, go horseback riding on the beach, or simply walk along the mostly unspoiled beaches just out of town. Or just take it easy and relax. And you will definitely not want to miss having a great spot to see the sunset!

How to get to Rincon del Mar from Cartagena


Is also the place of the SANGUARÉ RESERVE, a natural park in recovery, where you can make guided Tours By boat, bicycle, kayak or walks along trails of 2 to 5 kilometers, going through diverse ecosystems and areas through out the reserve.

Sanguare reserva natural

Where to Stay in Rincón

There are a number of hostels and hotels offering both dormitories and private rooms. Many Hostel makes a good backpacker and budget option while Dos Aguas Lodge for expample is a great option for those looking for nicer accommodations. click here to see hotels and acommodations in Click here to find out more accommodations in Rincon del Mar.

Rincon de Mar from Cartagena


Don’t take big bag or you will have to take a shared car. It will be around Cops $30.000. Get there until dark (6 pm). After that the prices will double. ⠀

Rincón is a very relaxed place for very relaxed vacay. No surfing, just really good cuisine with a lot of places with vegetarian options, hot sun and warm sea. You can go on a boat tour from Rincon to San Bernardo islands (60k cop/$40.000) or to see plankton (50k cop/$16.000). ⠀

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