Best sport bars in Cartagena

Where to Watch the FIFA World Cup in Cartagena

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If you’re looking to catch the World Cup 2018 or even sporting events from home, Cartagena has some great options. But where to watch? Sports bars are reliable, if hard to narrow down. There are also some notable restaurants promoting viewings of the 2018 soccer tournament, kicking off Thursday, June 14. Here are for the sports lovers the best sports bars to check out the action.  


The Clock Pub

The Clock Pub, located in the plaza directly next to the iconic clock tower of Cartagena, is an English-themed pub and the perfect place to grab a beer and catch the big game. The Clock Pub serves up burgers, sandwiches, wings and other classic pub grub.  The Clock Pub not only offers delicious food, but they also have over 80 beers behind the counter and a delicious cocktail menu as well, offering Happy Hour specials throughout the week. Additionally, the bar offers wifi to its customers and has Karaoke Night each Thursday and live music each Friday. As if all of this weren’t enough, the Pub has several big screen televisions and shows all of the main international sporting events you may be looking for during your time in Cartagena. In addition, admission is always free. So come on over, grab a beer and a delicious burger and enjoy one of the top sports bars Cartagena has to offer.

Leon de Baviera

Leon de Baviera, located in Calle del Arsenal in Getsemani, brings a touch of Germany to Cartagena. The bar serves typical German food and delicious Paulaner beer as well. Each Thursday they have “La Banda de Leon,” offering live music. Every Friday, they serve Paulaner beers at a special rate of 3x2 from 6PM to 10PM. Each Saturday they have live music as well as “Festival de Cerveza” and specials on Club Colombia beer. They also have a giant screen television and they show all sporting events live. It’s a great place to go for an atypical experience during your stay in the Caribbean. So head on over, try some delicious traditional German food, grab a beer and get settled for the next big sporting event during your stay in Cartagena.

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San Diego F.M. Cafe - Sport - Bar

San Diego Sports Bar is located in the old city on Calle del Santisimo, right next to Plaza Fernandez de Madrid. This sports bar is known for cold, cheap, delicious beers and always having access to the best sporting events on their mini big screen televisions! They serve typical bar food, hot dogs, hamburgers, and sandwiches. They also offer WiFi to their guests and have great Happy Hour prices on cocktails, including rum and coke, mojitos, daiquiris, and long islands. It’s a great place for tourists and locals alike to mix in and enjoy the next big game!

Liquore Store Donde Pacho

Great place to gather the fellas and watch a game. The fifa world cup, as well as European soccer. Donde Pacho is located in Getsemani, about five minutes away from the walled city center. Frequented by a diverse crowd, this is a popular spot for experience the local lifestyle. You can find an extensive list of local, domestic, and imported selections it proves to be a drinkers paradise for locals.


Sport Zone

Sport Zone is also located in Plaza Bocagrande shopping mall. It’s not a bar, but an area with seating and a large television where people can come together to watch sporting events, especially the Colombian national soccer team! Come check out this different type of viewing area, where you can watch the game with locals and enjoy a more relaxed viewing experience.

Joshua Pub

A common place for football fans to meet and greet, Joshua Pub offers a cheerful ambiance for the endless screams and excitement. The bar provides tasty Colombian dishes with a variety of beer brands for football fans in the city.


For a more local and less touristy experience, you can always check out a local “tienda” or corner shop where they often show the games, as long as there is a television to do so. You can buy beers and watch the games with the local Colombians, right in the shop! Beers usually run for less than $1 USD. Service is quick and the beers are icy cold! This is a great way to have an unforgettable experience and really immerse yourself in the culture and experience of spending time in Colombia.


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